Rudolf Fochtmann and his grandson Björn Fochtmann - founder and owner of Cars & Bikes Fochtmann

Cars & Bikes Fochtmann – our history

The foundation stone for Cars & Bikes Fochtmann

My grandfather founded a small workshop in Naunhof (near Leisnig) in Saxony at the end of the 40s of the last century and thus laid the foundation stone for my company Cars & Bikes Fochtmann.

Quickly, his craftsmanship established itself and provided him with a decent clientele. In April 1950 Bernd Fochtmann, my father, saw the light of day and was virtually born into his later profession.

In May 1978 I saw the light of day and also quickly had my fingers in the oil and on the engine block.

My father also studied this subject and in 1986 took over the parental company as a graduate engineer. He continued to run the company, from which Cars & Bikes Fochtmann emerged, with a large customer base.

With a Simson to Honda?

A Simson workshop contract also helped increase the customer base in the GDR.

In 1989, shortly before the fall of the Wall, ground was broken for a new workshop in Grossweitzschen. The old workshop was bursting at the seams.

The turn of the century came and my father immediately went to look for a factory contract for a Japanese motorbike manufacturer. No one opened the door at Suzuki, Yamaha and Kawasaki. It is due to this circumstance that my company is still associated with Honda today.

In 1990 my father also got the contract for Honda cars. We then opened a workshop near Grossweitzschen for five years.

In 1995 my father opened the present company headquarters in Döbeln; we were asked to build a classic car dealership.

Made a master – A building block for Cars & Bikes Fochtmann

In the meantime, I grew up (I am far from adulthood, according to many) and learned the trade, as did my father and grandfather. After completing my apprenticeship, I asked to be allowed to become a master car mechanic, which I was able to do successfully on 01.11.2001. Soon we changed the motorbike business into a car dealership. This allowed us to concentrate everything in one place.

Cars & Bikes Fochtmann – 2008 it started

2008 was the year of the economic crisis. Unfortunately, my father could no longer keep the company due to the high costs. He gave me a choice: either go to work or jump into the deep end and start your own business?

I thought about it for a few days and came to the decision to try it. With all the ups and downs that go with the business, I am glad I took this step. Since then I have been able to welcome many new customers and make them happy.

Who is behind Cars & Bikes Fochtmann?

Currently our team consists of Henry, Steve, Stanley and Kai who take care of all the needs of our customers. Mum and Dad still give me a helping hand. And I hope it will stay like this for quite a while.

Service in the third generation

Cars & Bikes Fochtmann is known today in Döbeln and the surrounding area as a reliable contact partner for everything to do with cars and motorbikes. We are certified as a Honda service partner. As a master craftsman’s business, we are also known to our customers as a type-open workshop.