Tyre change – more than just a service

After Easter at the latest, we are going round in the workshop, because our customers are changing tyres. For us, this is more than just a service. It is about your safety, about accident prevention and also about environmental protection.

Tyre change or wheel change?

We offer both services, but the services are different. When changing tyres, "only" the rubber is replaced. Changing the wheel means that we also change the wheels. In most cases, the chic alloy wheels are changed in spring, while the winter tyres are more likely to do their job on steel rims.

When is it time to switch?

There is a rule of thumb that we recommend to you: "From O to O" means that the time has come to change the tyres or to change the wheels Ostern (change from winter tyres to summer tyres) and Oktober (change from summer tyres to winter tyres).

At this time there is always a lot going on in our workshop, because we offer even more services in connection with the change of bike in connection with the change of bike.

Wheel change – what is part of it?

It's all about your safety, so we always check the tyres to be applied for damage at the turn of the season. Even if your tyres are older than six years, we will advise you to use new tyres, because the adhesion decreases very much due to the sun's irradiation and aging. If we find a reparabele entry injury, we will offer you the repair.

Brakes okay?

Since we can also take a look at your brakes when changing the tyres, we consider it our duty to check them as well. Depending on the condition of the brakes, we will talk to you and possibly make an appointment for repairs. In the best case, we can also carry out necessary repairs immediately – after consultation with you.

Light and vision

If you leave your vehicle in our workshop to change tyres, we will check that your light is set correctly and works in such a way that you can see and be seen well in the evening and at night.

Good visibility is also part of safety and therefore we also check the condition of the windscreen wipers and whether the windshield cleaning works properly as part of the wheel change. If we find defects during the inspections, we will discuss with you when we will rectify the defects.

Advice on tyres

Is gas filling of the tyres better? The use of special gas has not proven itself for us. This makes regular monitoring of tyre pressure throughout the season all the more successful. This must be done in a cold state, a journey of 2 kilometres is enough to increase the pressure in the tyre.

The quality of the tyres depends strongly on the personal feeling. If you want to have a very quiet car – this is almost standard for hybrids and electric vehicles – you should consider premium brands such as Michelin, Dunlop or Bridgestone . For all others we always recommend a good middle class such as falcons, glue, sumitomo or kumho. My team and I have had good experiences with this.

In principle, one can make the following statement for smooth running: the quieter a tire is, the faster it is also worn out because of the softer mixture. The traction in wet conditions depends on profile and mixture. Each manufacturer has its secret recipes. Our customers have gained good experience with all the brands mentioned, we are happy to advise you on the choice of your tyres.

Special features of winter tyres

There is also an important rule for winter bikes, which should be observed. You will find a 4mm mark on the tire. If the tyre has reached or even fallen below this mark, it is essential to change it in order to ensure sufficient traction at all times. However, this is not mandatory in Germany. In other countries, such as Austria, winter tyres under 4mm are considered summer tyres. So if you go into winter sports, changing the tyres with a profile below 4mm is absolutely recommended, unless you absolutely want to get rid of a lot of money at the police.