Honda E – excellent all-electric

Introduce: Honda E

Honda unveiled a number of innovations at the 2019 IAA. One seemed rather restrained in the concert of the many modern cars – the Honda E. Today, other manufacturers know that the outwardly small Honda E makes a lot of use and is showered with prices.

The following quote from the press release indicates the direction in which Honda wants to develop its car fleet:

“With the world premiere of the Honda e, we are taking the next step in our electric mobility strategy,” said Katsushi Inoue, Chief Operating Officer & President Honda Motor Europe. “The Honda e is a unique electric car that only Honda could develop – a vehicle with outstanding dynamics and connectivity.”

Honda press release on The IAA 2019

Honda E excellent innovative

The battery-powered city speedster was honoured with prestigious awards in Europe. Here is a small excerpt:

  • Autocar Award in the category Vehicle Technology in Great Britain
  • Motor Awards for Best Small Vehicle
  • First place at the EuroCarBody Award 2020
  • Red Dot Award “Best of the Best”
  • Red Dot Award “Best Smart Product”

And then there was a prize…

German Car of the Year Award 2021

When a jury of 18 renowned motor journalists meets and awards the GCOTY Award, e-cars will be the winner in 2019 and 2020. In 2019, the prize went to Jaguar for the I-Pace, last year the Porsche Taycan was awarded.

We at Cars & Bikes Fochtmann knew that this year there was no passing of the Honda E. This is also the case for the 18 journalists in question.

Honda E paves the way to the mobility of the future

The reaction of customers and media to the Honda e has been extremely positive since the first presentation, Okuda reports. “The Honda e serves as a perfect example of an exceptional design product with both innovative technology and modern, intelligent connectivity. Yamashiro adds: “As an essential part of our electrification strategy, the Honda e is leading the way into a new era of mobility.” In order to drive progress in the field of mobility and daily life, Honda will continue to offer innovative technologies to its customers in Germany in the future.

Excerpt from the

Commenting on the result, Honda Motor Europe CEO & President Katsuhisa Okuda said: “The German Car of the Year award, which we are proud to receive, is a great honour for Honda as the first Japanese winner.”

Honda’s latest car in the museum?

What does the Honda E do in the museum? Short answer: Enjoy the Red Dot Award!

The new Honda e and the CBR 1000 RR-R Fireblade SP have been added to the Red Dot Design Museum in Essen, one of the most important collections of contemporary design.

The new electric car will also be presented as one of the 76 best products of the year and as an example of outstanding international product design as part of the exhibition “Milestones in Contemporary Design”. Previously, the Honda E received the “Red Dot: Best of the Best 2020” award, which is awarded for groundbreaking product design. The highest award of the renowned international design competition is reserved for the best products of the respective category.

In addition, there was a Red Dot Award in the category “Smart Products” for the electric vehicle already available in Germany. The CBR1000RR-R Fireblade SP won the Red Dot Award in the motorcycle category.

  • Honda e - Red Dot Award in two categories
  • Honda e and Fireblade can be admired at the Red Dot Museum in Essen
  • Honda e and Fireblade can be admired at the Red Dot Museum in Essen
  • Honda e - Red Dot Award in two categories
  • Honda e - Red Dot Award in two categories
  • Honda e - Red Dot Award in two categories
  • Honda e - Red Dot Award in two categories
  • Honda e - Red Dot Award in two categories

What can the “little one” do?

The technical data leave nothing to be desired. We have linked them here, because Honda knows best what can and must be mentioned. You may be wondering what the Honda E costs?

The Honda E is available in two configurations. In the basic version, Honda gives a list price of €33,850. The Advance package version has a list price of €38,000. Note that there is a father/mother state subsidy for electric cars, which will reduce the price by up to €9,000.

Regardless of the equipment, the electric car has a 136 hp electric motor that transmits a maximum torque of 315 Nm to the rear wheels.

Test drive pleasing?

Now you have read so much that we are pleased to welcome you to a test drive. You have to “experience” electric cars to get a feeling as to whether it suits you. A range of 220 km (under laboratory conditions) is not a car for long-distance drivers. To run errands in the next city, to take the children to the sport or to let the Technicker drive to the customer, the speedster is already a good place.

Try it with us. Call us on 03431 71700 or write us your questions by mail.

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