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By vehicle to the Czech Republic

By vehicle to the Czech Republic

In this edition of our series “by the vehicle to …” we deal with the special features when you travel by vehicle to the Czech Republic, more precisely to the Czech Republic. On Saxony’s southern border, the country of Rübezahl, Pilsner and Böhmerwald invites you to a holiday.

Nature reserves, urban cities and a lot of mountains

If you travel to the Czech Republic by vehicle, cities such as Praha (eng. Prague), Karlovy Vary (eng. Karlovy Vary), Plzeň (Eng. Pilsen) and České Budějovice (Eng. Budweis) invite you to sightseeing.

In the southwest of the country stretches the Bohemian Forest, which forms one of the largest national parks in Europe with the Bavarian Forest. Here you can run the hiking boots at 1,000 – 1,400m and enjoy the untouched nature.

In the northwest, i.e. on the border with beautiful Saxony, the Ore Mountains with the 1,244m high Krušné hory and the Elbe Sandstone Mountains border the country. It goes even higher up in the north of the Czech Republic. The Giant Mountains (Krkonoše) with the 1,603m high Schneekoppe and the Old Father Mountains (Hrubý Jeseník) with the 1,491m high Altvater rise up here.

In the east of the country, the Moravskoslezské Beskydy (Moravian-Silesian Beskids) with the 1,325m high Lysá hora (German Kahlberg)and the Bílé Karpaty (Eng. White Carpathians) with the 970m high Velká Javořina form the borders with Slovakia.

Wild camping in the Czech Republic? Better not!

The Czech Republic is very strict on this. Simply pitching the tent in the forest is forbidden (to protect nature, keep to it safely). even staying in the camper at the rest area is not allowed. Please visit one of the many campsites.

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A typical drink in the land of Pilsner
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The traffic rules – vignette on and light on!

If you travel to the Czech Republic with a vehicle, you must also adhere to traffic rules here, some of which deviate from the German traffic rules.

There is a duty that the headlights must be switched on. Please also carry a set of spare lamps. In addition, a warning vest must be available for each occupant. If you use motorways, you must attach a vignette visibly to the windscreen.

  • Within a village, up to 50 km/h are allowed to drive.
  • Outside of villages, up to 90 km/h may be driven.
  • On expressways you can drive up to 110 km/h.
  • On motorways, the speed limit is limited to 130 km/h.

There is an absolute ban on alcohol in the land of the Pilsner for the driver (also for cyclists). Even under the influence of drugs, you are not allowed to drive a vehicle with our neighbor (normal, or?!?). If you are caught, fines of 100 € or more will be levied, in particularly serious cases, a prison sentence of up to three years can also be imposed.

You should also only use your mobile phone for navigation. If you want to make calls, use a hands-free device, otherwise 40 € will be due.

Send us a holiday greeting

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